Hybrid learning

Hybrid learning environments are now common and hooray for that! These videos were made as continuous learning content that clients are embracing.I design online courses and workshops for clients as part of both service design and internal training offerings. In addition to video, hybrid courses often combine in-person presentation design and pre and post-session materials.

Fresh Egg

A series of promotional videos for digital marketing agency, Fresh Egg. The context was the in-person training they give to clients, so our shoot setup reflected that classroom feel.

I helped these expert trainers to relax on camera and to then deliver confident performances to do their expertise justice.


A 60 episode binge

for Julien Truffaut’s “comprehensive, self-paced online course … which helps you to become a confident, productive, and powerful functional Scala developer.”

Julien was very clear about what he wanted to achieve with the course and we started working together just as Covid arrived in the UK. First, I remotely set up his studio space and then spent 18 months producing his self-shot videos and turning them into the seven course modules. 

“It was awesome. I don’t think I would have managed without James. There is so much to learn, it can be overwhelming, but he has always been here to help me with all the challenges I faced. We found a very efficient workflow and I am really happy about the results.”

Watch what Julien said about working with me.

Julien’s full course.

London Medical Laboratory

LML run courses to train phlebotomists. Yes, that’s people who take blood and give injections to you and me. The theory section of the course is delivered as video with the practical stuff happening in-person. Obviously.
We filmed Dr Tom Van den Bosche with the team to create the six chapter video training.

And finally …

I started making learning content many years ago. In 2010 I shot Jules at Evans Cycles describing how to fix a bike puncture. The rest is history.
Many millions of views later and those ‘How to’ guides still provide some of the best bike maintenance videos around.
For ABB Power One I made multi-language guides for professional installers across Europe and the USA.

More films.

Pitch, bid, launch

I make films for all types of pitches, bids and launches. The details change but the aim is to always give a succinct, insightful view of a brand, a team, or a solution being offered.

Ads and promos

3 seconds to 3 minutes. Ads come in all shapes, with many intentions. These are a few I’ve made.

Narrative films

Films that tell longer stories about causes, processes and events.

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