I have always worked across disciplines. Creative joy, for me, is finding the absolute focus of an idea, executing it in the best way possible in the channel for which it is destined. Within the parameters of specific roles and commissions, the medium is often predetermined which is when the professional pragmatism of experience comes to bear.

Since the mid 1990’s I have worked in photography, digital design and advertising, interactive games and installations, and, most consistently, film and video. Along the way I have worked in ad agencies, design start-ups and tech manufacturers; I have made work for luxury brands, sports charities and street artists and filmed everyone from the world-renowned to the humblest unknown. All have their stories.

I now hang my hat on a peg that combines my expertise in digital advertising with video production. I focus on helping people bring their own story to the specific audience that is ready to hear it; whether it is to promote a product or service, shout about a social cause or entertain a roomful of people.

I spend most of my days at futuresunfilms.com.

I also do a bit of teaching.