Tesco Property Market

Branding + Website + Launch campaign

I defined and developed a new Tesco sub-brand, complex website and launch campaign.

Leading a small design team within a SCRUM development environment, I guided the overall creative direction, interface design and marketing communications for the initial launch across all channels.

Tesco Property Market was the precursor to Purple Bricks, et al. It was also, at the time, a hugely disruptive product, intending to change the face of UK estate agency. Unsurprisingly the industry reacted very negatively, resulting in Tesco eventually selling TPM to Spicerhaart, which didn’t end well!

For the website, we initiated a thorough UX-led design process to define user journeys through the complexities of house buying in the initial English market.

This first involved working closely with senior stakeholders, business analysts and development teams for front and back-end integrations (ASP.net, XHTML, CSS, jQuery, etc). Once prototypes were ready we then involved QA teams to take the product through rigorous testing.



TPM colour palette

TPM green

TPM blue

TPM red

TPM gold

Tesco corporate palette




Text black

Launch campaign.

For the launch, I led the campaign creative team. Executions for Out of Home, and Store Interiors and Exteriors were all created. We also storyboarded TVCs reflecting different target user journeys. These would have been incorporated into the homepage of the website.

Launch ad storyboard – Jack & Bouncer.

“Bouncer gets really moody if you crowd him”.

No one understands Bouncer like his best friend Jack. And when a claustrophobic dog needs more space there’s nothing for it but to nag Mum and Dad to move nearer a park.