Nextenders – global rebrand

Brand + website + collateral + exhibition

Nextenders is an Indian SaaS company that provides a “world-class, economical, neutral impact eSourcing, eProcurement and eTendering solution”.

They wanted to move from a mainly Indian client base and open up into Africa, Europe and, eventually, North America.

The brief was to create a brand that would work globally.

This large-scale project required working with owners in Mumbai, dev teams in Ahmedabad and a UK-based Marketing Director.

I produced a solution that completely changed their brand presence, giving it a contemporary, approachable and secure feel.

As well as a new logotype, I created a tone of voice for all copy, brand collateral including stationary and digital templates, and advertising and exhibition graphics.

The website required close work with the team in India in order to refine the UX before defining the UI. Final iterations of the launch website were produced while on-site in Ahmedabad to allow last-minute refinement. 

Shown here is the launch website homepage. Visit for the current iteration of the site.


Primary palette

NT Blue


Text black

Secondary palette

Who Green

What Red

Try Gold

Use Blue