Andrew Lane Furniture

Branding + Strategy + Website + Film & Photo

Andrew Lane is a craftsman designer who has a reputation for creating unique, handmade furniture.

His branding needed to do two things: reflect his design philosophy and shift the emphasis of his business to kitchen design.

Andrew’s design approach has always been about simple lines, beautiful materials and uncompromising quality. He wanted to keep his minimal, sans-serif logo unchanged.

So I created a new monogram to use as a secondary logotype across his channels and even as a stamp on his furniture.

His website needed a makeover. I made the photography king and stripped back and rewrote the text to emphasise the character of Andrew’s work. I did some simple, technical SEO and Google Maps work.
Making it easier for online visitors to find and understand the work Andrew does immediately brought multiple kitchen orders. As well as literally putting ALF on the (Google) Map I also shot new photographs, filmed client testimonials and retouched older photos to better highlight the pieces.

Colour palette




Accent gold