Ahlam Mirzai – nutritional therapist

Branding + Website + Films + Photos

This project gave me the opportunity to create a whole new brand from scratch.

Ahlam already had a strong sense of her visual identity having come from an art and design background before retraining in nutrition.

Her mixture of therapeutic and culinary practice needed a clean, professional look that allowed the photography to stand out.

Simplicity with an added flourish of edible nature flowed through the logotype and website design.

The tone of voice for copy keeps things welcoming, uncomplicated and to the point.

The website needs to give people an immediate understanding of Ahlam’s skills and services while providing an easy way to book appointments.


Colour palette


Warm grey


Accent green

Text black

While the website has a more restrained aesthetic, Ahlam’s blog and social channels are where she brings her unique and dynamic approach to food and healthy eating to bear. Through the films and photos that I have helped her create, we brought a generosity and obvious deliciousness to the fore.