Online learning content

Creative direction + post-production

Julien Truffaut is a leading light in the world of Scala web development. In 2020 he needed some help creating a complete online course teaching Functional Programming.

Initially, I helped Julien to set up his studio in order to self-shoot all the content for his course. I put together a list of equipment he needed – camera, lights, autocue, microphone – and a series of plans, diagrams and settings to show him how to record high-quality sound, as well as video.

I produced all the videos from Julien’s recordings, creating dynamic edits that reflected his high-quality content. I also added to his course branding so that it worked for moving image – transitions, split-screen, picture-in-picture, animated logo and end screens. The examples here show how this evolved over time to create a more intuitive viewer experience.

My experience of creative direction and post-production meant I was able to bring some extra magic to Julien’s highly detailed approach and leave him very happy with 50+ videos.


“It was awesome. I don’t think I would have managed without Future Sun. There is so much to learn, it can be overwhelming, but James has always been here to help me with all the challenges I faced. We found a very efficient workflow and I am really happy about the results.”

Julien Truffaut

FP Tower Ltd