Reinvigorated Autoshow stand experience

Brief: to reinvigorate Ford’s Autoshow stand experience.

I lead the Ford team in the Media department for Imagination. When the client demanded a reinvigoration of their International Autoshow stand offering we responded with an ambitious integrated offering. Imagination is all about combined team approaches, where physical, structural exhibits are the basis to extraordinary brand experiences, both in terms of digital content and physical product.

To launch a new car model we first created ‘Where Are the Joneses?’; effectively an online audience-driven sitcom. The central dramatised characters moved around European destinations in a purple S-Max being given things to do by the audience. This hugely successful Babycow produced initiative won industry awards and a loyal audience. It also provided the basic requirement for the Geneva Autoshow stand; namely, a ton of user-generated content that provided one strand of material for the VJ stand experience. This formed the focus for the stand using the dominant 200ft LED screen as a massive, ever-changing social media wallpaper. Result? A very happy client, agency industry awards and donuts in the car park all round.


Role: Creative direction